Clayton's Cottages Policies

Welcome & Greetings!

Welcome to Clayton's Cottages! Thank you for your patronage and we hope yours is a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

In consideration of all guests and our neighbors, Thank you for observing the following NYS Health Dept. and Management policies:

State Mandated Swimming Laws are Very strict and require the responsible cooperation of all patrons to meet safety standards and keep the beach open. Please advise and inform all member's of your party of these posted laws.

No lifeguard on Duty! Swim at your own risk! At least two adults must be present when anyone is swimming.

Children must be properly supervised on premises, especially on beach, docks, bathing area, in boats, at the fire pit, or play area.

Only registered guests (No Visitors) may use the swimming area, due to state mandates.

Diving is unsafe & prohibited from our docks or within our swimming area.

All inflatables are considered watercrafts, and as with boats and canoes , NYS Law requires the use of correctly sized life jackets for use outside of a swimming area. For their safety, please do not permit children or non-swimmers to float into deep water on inflatables due to the increased risk of accidental drowning. Boat patrols will ticket safety violators.

In any emergency, (fire, ambulance, police etc.) call radio dispatched help at:

Inlet Police at 911 or # 357-5091

Old Forge Medical Center # 369-6619

NYS Poison Center # 1-800-252-5655 or 1-476-4766

Telephones locations:  Payphone at the end of our drive at the last parking area on the right facing the lake, office phone, Drake's Inn Restaurant, & at Payne's Boat Livery on 7th Lake Road.

Water skiers and boats must not invade the swimmer float lines. 5 MPH within 100 feet of shore, docks or swimmers.

Use of our boats is a complimentary courtesy, extended without any additional charge, and we insist on compliance with posted safety laws & policies, to continue this tradition. Please cooperate so we don't need to eliminate our boats.

Surrounded by forest, care must be exercised with all fires. Code of the Woods:

"Whomever starts the fire must be held responsible for it, and any damages or injury it might cause."

No fires permitted, except in the lakeside fire pit provided.

No barbecues of any style permitted on porches, balconies or wooden decks. Children must be supervised at the Bonfire area, and unattended fires, both inside or outside are prohibited. Local Fire Code: $100.00 fine for an unattended fire.

Sorry we cannot permit pets. Please advise any visitor's of this, at the time of invitation. We can not extend to visitors a privilege denied our tenant's. Both day and overnight pet boarding is available at nearby Kliffside Kennel, in Eagle Bay (#357-3607) for those traveling with Pets.

Recycling is state law and required by local landfill. Anyone depositing recyclables in refuse is subject to a minimum $50.00 fine (Local law) and service charge, as such actions constitute a serious health risk to our personnel. We appreciate your cooperation and environmental concern and personal responsibility.

All overnight guests or visitors must be registered with the office by 9 P.M. arrival date, in compliance with local fire codes and the State Health Dept.'s imposed occupancy limits & regulations. If office is closed, please leave us a message through the key return/message slot on exterior office wall. As indicated in our rate sheets, please anticipate an additional charge due, should you extend the number of occupants beyond the previously registered or agreed upon number of occupants. We do not permit subletting and any change of occupancy limits must be cleared through the office prior to staying. Overloading the cottages is grounds for eviction or denial of future rental services. Private water and septic systems requires water and waste water conservation efforts and the Health Dept. limits the number of bathers permitted and prohibits the use of the bathing area by visitor' s or day guests (State regulations would require us to hire lifeguards if the beach were public, and this expense would result in substantial rental rate increases to our tenants, therefore please require your visitor's to use the public beach in Inlet).

Please ask your visitors to: stop at the office and pick up a visitor's pass, make alternative arrangements for their pets, and park in the extra parking area near the volleyball net to allow convenient parking for all tenants. Please inform your guests that state law prohibits their use of the bathing beach or swimming area. We request visitors not utilize our boats or showers, and all overnight occupants must be registered with the office by 9 P.M. arrival date. We are required to know the number of occupants at night in the event of fire. Sorry, No Camping allowed. Visiting hours: 9 A.M. - 9 P.M.

Please no late night noise or parties. Persons who become a nuisance or disturbance will be evicted without further notice or refund. Please lower voices and television, radio or tape volumes during quiet hours, in consideration of others. Quiet hours: 11 P.M. - 8 A.M.

Absolutely no blankets or other articles are to be removed from the cottages. Provide your own beach or lawn blanket or anticipate a $5.00 laundering charge for each item soiled. If you must rearrange furniture, to feel comfortable, please rearrange it back as you found it prior to leaving. Our cleaning girls may not have the strength required. Please return all items borrowed from neighboring cottages, prior to departure, so arriving guests are not inconvenienced and each unit remains properly equipped. You remain responsible for any item removed or damaged by your guests.

Thank you for leaving the cottages as clean and in the same good order as when you arrived. First-time visitors and repeat guests who leave the cottages in considerate manner, tidy and in good order will not be requested to provide a minimum $50.00 cleaning/security/recycling deposits with requests for future rental reservations. Thank you to the overwhelming majority of our considerate guests who do recycle, report damage and leave cottages tidy. We welcome and appreciate your returns. Check out time: 10 -11 A.M. Please drop key at office, if closed, drop key through key return slot on office exterior wall.

Thank you for your patronage, please visit us again!